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The Latest Happenings @ The Agenda

As we continue to disrupt the industry and deliver our vision, strap-in and hold tight, as new initiatives, products, services, continual improvement, staff additions and more, are coming thick and fast. Our passion keeps us pushing the boundaries every day, to do better, deliver more, and pursue our dream of delivering; The Entertainment Ecosystem 

16th May 2024

Podcast Studio Opening Friday 7th June 2024

The 'Entertainment Ecosystem' vision will take another steep forward in June, with the opening of The Agenda's first Podcast Studio.

Located on the Mezzanine floor, with direct access from street level, and adjacent to the new venue; "Mezz", the Podcast Studio will be available to rent hourly, half day, or for a full day.

The latest equipment installed, with technical backup and assistance, will allow interested individuals to get creative, and produce professional content, with the minimum of fuss. Multiple backdrops and 'sets' allow for ultimate creativity and with various branding options too, you can truly make our studio, your own.

The studio comes fully equipped with the latest audio products, as well as editing software, and camera systems, for those wanting to go the video route, sending content to YouTube, Tik Tok, or any other broadcast service.

Contact us today at to view, be amazed, and book your slot!

Concert Crowd
17th May 2024

New Venue; "Mezz" To Open June 1st 

Upstairs, bring 5,000 of your closest friends! Downstairs on the Mezzanine Floor, bring 400 to  our new venue, "Mezz", with a maximum seated capacity of 400, it is the ideal place to host your Comedy show, a Town Hall meeting on a Monday morning, or a community gathering on a Sunday.


Main services are plug and play, with everything included in the package price. Venue, AV system (featuring 4 x large screens, mics, playback and lighting), Seating and Security.

Time slots available are:

  • 8am till 12pm

  • 1pm till 5pm

  • 6pm - 3am (nightlife slot)


Food and beverage services are available ranging from simple tea, coffee and pastries for a  morning session, right up to 5* cuisine and a full stocked bar in the evening.

Contact us today: and let see how we can help you with your event.

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