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Our Facilities

Set in the heart of Dubai’s Media City, The Agenda is more than a performance theatre. It’s more than a convention center or exhibition hall. It’s more than a soundstage, rehearsal facility, or post-production studio.

It’s all of those things and much more, more. We’re in The Show Business, and we give you everything you need to make your show the star.

  • 3,000 seat main theatre or standing for 5,000 fans!

  • Over 3,000 square meters of exhibition, convention, studio, and rehearsal space

  • 17-meter ceilings to accommodate the most elaborate rigging

  • VIP show seating and conference rooms

  • Office, studio, and production space for creative service professionals

  • On-site restaurants and catering services

  • Underground parking

  • Minutes from the Internet City Metro Station


The Auditorium

3,000 square metres of free space, with same level truck access, 29m wide stage, 17m high ceilings, and capacities of 3,000 seated, and up to 5,000 standing


The Auditorium space can be used in a variety of ways:

Graduation Ceremonies

We’ve got the floor room for thousands of fresh-faced, optimistic graduates, a ceiling high enough for them to throw their caps and tassels in the air, and the big stage to impress even the most impressive commencement speaker, plus video and photographic services on-site so your graduates can remember the day with more than just a big sheet of parchment paper.

Gala Dinners

Yes we’ve got food and beverage options to feed your concert fans, your exhibit attendees, and your employees looking for a quick lunch without ever having to leave the building, but that’s not where we shine.

Our in-house catering services can create gala dinners and meals worthy of heads of state, titans of enterprise, or very hungry award winners. From creating the menu to designing the centerpieces to washing the dishes when your VIPs get in their limousines to head home, The Agenda will make your gala one that will not be soon forgotten.


Performers will tell you that the audience makes the show. The Agenda’s main auditorium hosts up to 5,000 screaming fans, and there’s not a bad seat in the house. That makes for an energetic show. Advanced audiovisual technologies ensure every fan sees the performance of a lifetime. Pop music, comedy tours, orchestra, or symphony, the versatile, multi-purpose stage and auditorium at The Agenda can adjust to fit your needs instead of forcing you to change your vision to fit ours.

Exhibitions & Trade Shows

Bring your good convention shoes because we’ve got a big floor with room for a lot of booths. You’re going to do some walking! We’ve got stages for your keynote speakers, rooms for your break-out speakers, and private VIP Conference rooms to help make more deals happen.

When more deals happen this year, convention exhibitors and attendees come back next year.

TV & Film Studio

Whether you need a live studio audience for an award show broadcast, or you need a 3,000 square-meter quiet room with cavernous ceilings for the most elaborate video shoot of your career, The Agenda has everything you need under one very tall roof, and with hundreds of creative service professionals working in the building every day, the backstage operations will shine just as bright as the main stage.

Sporting Events

It’s your little girl’s big day, and you want to keep it simple with family, friends, and just a few thousand close personal acquaintances.

The Agenda is your spot. We’re Dubai’s most exciting location for showcase weddings, and with caterers, photographers, videographers, florists, and musicians all on location, you can plan it all in one stop.

If you’d like more information about our features, get in touch today.

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