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Who Are We?

We are the Disruptors. We will change the way Events are done, making it easier, and less cumbersome, a joy in fact. Bureaucracy and time-consuming systems are eliminated. Surreptitious, money making rules are simply not found in our venue. It is our goal to help you Book, Get-In, Deliver and Get-Out as easily and simply as possible. 

Therefore, The Agenda is a reimagined, re-engineered, and completely reinvented one-stop hub for Dubai’s Entertainment and Exhibition community. Your Entertainment Ecosystem.

Conveniently set in the heart of Media City, just minutes from the Internet City Metro station, and with hundreds of onsite parking spaces and more nearby, The Agenda is a great place to put on your next show.

With room for up to 5,000 attendees, multiple seating, standing, and mingling configurations, plus VIP viewing suites, conference rooms, and Mezzanine areas, we’ll help you put on an unforgettable event.

The Agenda is an even better
place to get the show ready

We have stunningly designed creative spaces available to house your business, fabulous restaurants, bars and coffee shops* just outside your office door, an open architecture to accommodate everyone from freelancers to entire agencies and creative departments.

We’re here to give you the comfort and energy you need to tell your story however that story needs to be told.

Our Mission

To be the single most creative building in Dubai, delivering concepts, ideas, material supply, and final realization all under one roof.
Your Entertainment Ecosystem


What Are We Creating?

  • Dubai’s Media City, deserves a flagship venture, that can capture the enthusiasm of this vibrant city. To help the business sectors involved with Media and Live Event Production, and their collaborative businesses to grow, thrive and become leaders of their field not only on the in-house stage, but the World’s!

  • Media startup companies, live event producers, technical support services, and skilled freelancers will be given a space where they can work alongside their industry partners, and take their ideas and concepts from start to finish.

  • Use the open area ‘hot desks’ and meeting rooms to get your business off the ground. Interact with other supporting service businesses to help build your brand, creating social media, website development, technical assistance and more.

  • Launch the brand with a live event, using the vast area as the product launch platform, all catered and serviced from the in-house team.

Teamwork that makes your dream work

We’ve been in your shoes. The right crew can make the impossible happen night after night, so we’ve put together a lean team of event and facilities all stars to be able to move fast because we know the show must go on.
With over 30 years experience in events, concerts, audio visual technology, and theatre production, we aim to make the impossible happen every day and night at The Agenda.

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